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Taylor Swift Vs Ariel Winter Nude Pics

Taylor Swift nude

Taylor Swift Vs Ariel Winter Nude Pics

Taylor Swift and “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter both recently released slutty bikini photos on social media. However, it didn’t take the scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs in Riyadh long to figure out that the bikinis were actually fakes in both of their photos, and that they were added after the fact using the Jew magic of Photoshop.
Luckily these great minds were able to reverse the treacherous sorcery by removing Taylor and Ariel’s bikinis, thus exposing the girls’ degeneracy for all the world to see in the photo above and the one below.

Ariel Winter nude

Yes these nude photos are clearly the original ones that Taylor Swift and Ariel Winter took, and that the Zionist deceivers later censored in order to protect the girls’ reputations so that they could continue making shekels selling them as mainstream stars. This startling revelation certainly makes one wonder how many other celebrity harlots have the nudity edited out of their social media postings. My guess is 100% of them.

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